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Shoreline  //  King County

Erin Lane Shoreline Bankruptcy Attorney

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Shoreline known for being so close to Seattle Washington, with a population of almost 60,000 residents, bankruptcy is something most people won’t want to discuss right away. When you fall into hard times, there are little options when it comes to paying bills and keeping your debt under control. One of the most affordable ways to eliminate the weight of debt is to file for bankruptcy in Shoreline Washington. After being bothered on a daily basis by angry debt collectors for months at a time, you need to realize that ignoring debt is not a good option anymore. The cost of bankruptcy is little, compared to the countless number of phone calls and the irritating letters with big red warnings you’ll receive by not taking action. Shoreline residents are eligible to file for Bankruptcy in Washington. Take advantage of things like “Automatic Stop” and other immediate advantages to filing for bankruptcy.

Why Bankruptcy in Shoreline?

Because debt can be so unpredictable, as in, the companies holding the note on the money you owe. They can choose to garnish wages and sue you in court, which will carry countless other fees. Stop delaying the process, protect your financial future, and speak with attorney Erin Lane. Our office has helped thousands of other people who cannot get out of debt. If you’ve considered hiring a debt consolidation firm, you should also consider bankruptcy as your first option. Consolidating your debts is often inefficient and expensive. Sometimes lenders will refuse to negotiate if they don’t know how much the other lenders are going to write off. Bankruptcy offers complete clarity for all parties involved. Keep in mind, speaking with an experienced bankruptcy attorney like Erin Lane today, will save you hours of reading the laws yourself. Remember, we offer affordable payment plans for anyone who needs help filing for bankruptcy in Shoreline Washington.

Once you file for bankruptcy, it freezes lawsuits, garnishments, and other legal actions that the lenders might have started. A Shoreline Washington bankruptcy allows you to erase any debt, which means you won’t be obligated to pay it back. This is called a “discharge” because it cancels the debt to your name. Not all debt is discharged in a Shoreline Washington bankruptcy. Some exceptions to the discharge include fraudulent debt, student loans, taxes and child support. It is not always cut and dry as to what debt can be discharged and you should talk to an attorney about what debt will be discharged in a Washington bankruptcy. We offer affordable payment plans for people living in Shoreline Washington.

After you file for bankruptcy in Shoreline, you automatically have something called an “Automatic Stay“, then you start the discharge process which puts your creditors on hold that you will not pay a certain debt and they know at that point they need to remove that debt from their books. If you are able to pay some debt in your Shoreline Washington bankruptcy, the case allows creditors a legal and fair way to share. Usually they get nothing in a Chapter 7 case, but may be able to share some money from the sale of property. A Chapter 13 allows them to share a monthly payment that you make for three to five years.

What is an Automatic Stay?

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Shoreline

When you do a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, it allows you to spread the debt evenly over the course of 3 to 5 years. You pay all your debt back, following a predictable and legal procedure that allows all creditors to see what each other is getting in the payments. This is one of the reasons why non-bankruptcy debt consolidation plans fail, they don’t want to accept less than another company who is also owed money.

Many of our thousands clients are surprised when we tell them that they can keep most of their property when they file for Bankruptcy in Shoreline. Because like most necessities, property is “exempt” from being taken away by the courts to pay your debt back. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to exemptions in Shoreline Washington, because you can pick whether to follow Washington laws or Federal bankruptcy laws to exempt your property. You could have some property that you want to keep, and you may be able to protect it by simply paying your creditors the value of the property over the term of a Shoreline Chapter 13 plan. As you can see, it is important to talk to an experienced Shoreline Washington bankruptcy attorney if you are at all concerned about your property.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Shoreline

A Chapter 7 Shoreline Washington bankruptcy is knows as a liquidation, because there is a possibility that some of your property could be liquidated or sold to pay off part of your debt. This applies when you have insufficient cash flow to cover a payment plan in a Chapter 13 Shoreline bankruptcy. The court looks for property that can be sold to pay back your debt, but the law allows exemptions for most household goods, retirement plans, modest cars , equity in most homes and other necessities. Realistically, the vast majority of people who file Chapter 7 in Shoreline Washington do not have to give up any of their property. Most people who file for Chapter 7 in Shoreline don’t lose any of their property because it’s protected by law, though if they want to keep things like cars and homes they are making payments for, they have to keep making the payment. Under the current law, you can file only one Shoreline Chapter 7 Washington bankruptcy every 8 years.

What are the differences between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7?

The current Shoreline Washington bankruptcy law requires people who make over the median income to go through a “means test” to determine whether they should be required to go through a Chapter 13 repayment plan. Even if your household makes more than the average, you may still qualify for a Chapter 7 depending on your expenses. Otherwise, you must file a Chapter 13 repayment plan.

The benefits of bankruptcy.

  • Some types of debt are immediately discharged.
  • You can keep some or most of your property, in some cases.
  • Your cash flow is immediately increased.

One of the key aspects of filing for Shoreline Washington bankruptcy is the increase of your cash flow. Consider talking to an experienced Shoreline Washington Attorney if you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy. You can either keep staying current on your debt payments and it’s obvious that you will never get ahead or you simply cannot make your debt payments.

If you stop paying the bills, any creditor can sue you and garnish your wages, which means 25% of your take-home pay after taxes will be immediately deducted by the creditor to pay back the debt.

What about my home foreclosure?

The bankruptcy laws in Shoreline Washington give you the right to a fresh start so you don’t feel like there is no point in working, being productive and improving yourself. There is a pressure valve in our economic system, it allows our economy to be more productive overall and has been part of the US Constitution since it was written. Basically, it lets you get back on track with a realistic cash flow so you feel like you are working for a better future for you and your family, not your creditors with no light at the end of the tunnel. Remember we also offer affordable payment plans.

Erin Lane Shoreline Bankruptcy Attorney

Call Erin Lane in Shoreline (206) 387-8500

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Shoreline Washington.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Shoreline Washington.

The differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

We have Affordable Payment Plans.

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